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Using the shared document web space

Some lists have a shared document web space where subscribers can download and upload documents: this space is available through the 'Shared documents' section.

Presentation of the documents in the shared document web space

To access the 'Shared documents' section of a list, do as follows:

  1. Go to the list environment homepage and log on.
  2. Go to the information page of the list of your interest.
  3. In the left menu, click on the 'Shared documents' link.

The 'Shared documents' section can contain three types of resources: folders, files and bookmarks.

The functions of editing and creation of documents, when they are available to you, are accessible through the Expert mode. To switch to expert mode, click on the Expert mode button on top of page.

The list owner or the documents authors can choose to restrict the access rights to some files/folders. Both the reading and writing rights can be restricted:

Folders are sorted separately from files and bookmarks, and display before them. By default, documents are sorted ascendingly according to the 'Document' column.

Be careful: alphanumeric sort distinguishes uppercase from lowercase, thus all documents which have a name starting with an uppercase character display first, sorted in alphabetical order, and then, all documents which have a name starting with a lowercase character, sorted in alphabetical order. It is the same for folders.

You can sort documents and folders according to criteria other than the name of the document/folder: they can also be sorted according to their author, their size and their last update date. To sort documents according to the criterion of your choice, click on the name of the corresponding column.

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